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How does Methocarbamol,(750mg) compare to Soma?

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christineATU 30 Jan 2011

Hi cando mea, sorry no one has answered this question yet. I did some research on both medications. They are similar in what they are prescribed for. Both are muscle relaxants. However, on the Soma information site, it mentioned that it may be habit forming whereas the Methocarbamol did not have this warning. Neither is a controlled substance and both are a category C in the pregnancy warnings. I hope this has helped.
best wishes,

caringsonbj 30 Jan 2011

good job Chris!!

Tonka8561 30 Jan 2011

I have never taken SOMA, as I am careful about narcotics, and that is one difference, but I am sure you knew that. I take Methoblabla, or generic Roboxin (750 mg) when my neck and shoulder muscles and ligaments get all balled up into a tight nest I just can't relax my way out of. Took one two hours ago because I did the dishes AND cooked - when I went sit on the couch, my neck was in a vise and my shoulders were crampin ear-wards. The gen. Roboxin worked well - t.g..
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