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How does kadian compare with oxycontin and percocet in opiate strength?

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Anonymous 21 Jun 2010

Dear bug hurt, I am not familiar with kadian. But, I can tell you this much; percocet is morphine with tylenol in it.
OxyContin is just straight morphine, or heroin in pill form... I was prescribed that junk (never abused it) for chronic pain. Started out at 20 mgs, ended at 160mgs per day. I flushed them and went through classic heroin withdrawal. It was horrifying! Hope you are taking this stuff for a short time! Best wishes to you big hurt!

bronx77 21 Jun 2010

ok well first off above answer needs to check things out better especially if they were on these meds. OxyContin is Oxycodone, 2.5-3 times the strength of Morphine. Percocet has tylenol and only comes in 5, 7.5, and 10mg strengths, where as Oxycontin comes in doses as high as 80mg. Kadian is Morphine Sulfate, less potent then the actual drug Oxycodone, but everything depends on dose.

Anonymous 21 Jun 2010

big hurt, please forgive my ignorance, I am not as knowledgable as bronx77.
sorry, sweetlemon

christineATU 21 Jun 2010

dude, people do not appreciate you're attitude.

christineATU 21 Jun 2010

Word is spreading very quickly about you Bronx77. This is a tight group of people who care about each other. You really need to check yourself.

Anonymous 21 Jun 2010

bronx, I agree, be just a bit friendly, and you will get honey instead of vinegar! If you are in pain or are hurting in some way, you will only find a generosity of spirit here. Let us know if you are hurting.

Anonymous 21 Jun 2010

yeaaaaaah, so I must conclude that bronx77 is a doctor.
Call me crazy. Just don't call me late for lunch!
christine, i just adore you! free discount card

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