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How does Opana ER compare to OxyContin?

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terilyn54 10 Nov 2010

After Purdue shocked us all with their reformulation of Oxycontin, the rats, I immediately tried the Opana ER 40mg & 30mg for breakthrough. For those of us who take our medication as it's intended to be taken, by swallowing them whole, they are about 1/3 as strong & shouldn't be considered "ER". They definately didn't last but 4 or so hours. Read below the answer I've been posting for people who have had bad reactions to the Purdue's new oxy.

The manufacturer of the old style Oxycontin, Purdue Pharm, acquired Ethex Manufacturers to distribute the OC's for them. It's being marketed in generic form as Oxycodone ER in 80 mg & 40 mg only, but unfortunately only Walgreens is carrying this brand name. Let me warn you though, pretty much every pharmacy is very hesitant to give any information what so ever concerning Schedule II medications over the phone, unless they know you due to the rash of daytime robberies not too long ago looking for, you got it, Oxycontin!! There's one more company that distributes the 20 mg only, called Apotex. As far as I know once again, Walgreens only carries this. You must completely trust & believe me when I tell you, IT REALLY IS EXACTLY THE SAME MEDICATION. It's says OC on one side & 80 on the other, is the same exact color & same size. It will begin to melt in your mouth, if for some reason you can't swallow it immediately, so that alone tells me they ARE NOT the OP's. The OP's gave me horrible stomach pains with worsened constipation. Worse of all (I'll swear on a mountain of Bibles, too!!) those darn things passed completely through my intestinal tract & on out completely whole, without dissolving at all. Now you tell me, how can a medication perform its duty if it can't break apart to let the chemicals do what they're suppose to do? Recently I read they've discovered yet another dangerous side effect from them. If you have a damaged liver, etc.,be careful because whatever they have used for the reformulation to make it abuse resistant, has the possibility of causing further or additional problems or damage.
I believe this is the longest response I've submitted since joining this valuable forum recently. This website has been so very helpful, supportive and been full of accurate knowledge on any question I've needed answers for. Thank you for being there for me.
I truly hope this give you the answers you seek & you're a little less stressed & the future looks a little bit more positive. Don't hesitate in letting me know if you need help with anything else...

I hope all the above helps you out. Let me know if you need something further & good luck.



Inactive 11 Sep 2011

My doctor is trying to find a pain med that will ease the nerve damage pain from back surgery. I've been on hydro, patches and now am on Opana ER 10 mg. I have severe side effects, such as, extreme sweating, stomach pains, constipation, etc. I still need to take hydro at night to ease the back and leg pain. I take the Opana twice a day. Does anyone have the same type of side effects and does anyone have any ideas as to what pain med may help without such severe side effects? Appreciate all help. Thank you. free discount card

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