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How does dilaudid compare to morphine?

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12 May 2011

I think everyone is different and it just depends on what works well for you. I actually prefer the morphine. I think it works better. Dilaudid is ok. I guess they are comparable but I think the morphine works just a little better for me. Dilaudid is stronger mg for mg. It also depends on whether you are talking IV compared to taking by mouth. By IV, I think the Dilaudid is better. By mouth I think the morphine works a little better. You can get a hundred different opinions though.

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BRRMARS 12 May 2011

Dzoo once again we disagree, morphine make me totally loopy and non functional, as were dilaudid i can function and it has the same pain control effect at the morphine, but again i stress this is my personal experience i'm not trying to tell anyone to do anything, just suggesting they can take it or leave it.

DzooBaby 12 May 2011

Like I said, it depends on the person and you can get a hundred different opinions!! Good thing there are more than one choice for folks!

12 May 2011

Dzoobaby is right IV is naturally faster, you (as a patient) have to be careful you can really be medicated with it and from my experience of many years I believe (at least for me) Dilaudid works better (seems to hit the receptor site in my brain and is more effective for me than morphine, the drawback for some may be that my CVS pharmacist informs me that it only comes in short acting form, but for the relief I recieve I can take it every 3 hours when most people need a every 4 hour dose (on short acting)

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caringsonbj 12 May 2011

Dilaudid relieves my pain but with MS Contin 120mg I get euphoric, that concerns me, being drowsy is normal but I sure don't like feeling a euphoric feeling, I already have many problems as it is.

DzooBaby 12 May 2011

Unfortunately Billy, last I heard, they took the long acting form off the market in the US.

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