I been using for 4 years was sober 8 months and now just recently went on a 2 month bieng I havnt used in 5 days so I'm past the worst but I just wanna use sooooo bad I have a good job but had no money ever so I was running some to pay for my habbit + have some cash no one new I was ever using not even my gf of 3 years I'm just tired of living a duble life and wanna stay clean but just knowing the feeling is hard to just stay away from :/ every day theses past 5 days I've thought why quit h just quit work n got back to selling it I made more that way in a day then I do ina month ugh its just all so hard and I just don't know how to deal with it. I don't need help to get off it so I don't need treatment its just how to stay clean and how to keep from selling its like the money is a high alone