I have so many medical issues that I am trying to addresss that I can't function. Some of them include Cancer, Chronic pain, PTSD, High Blood Pressure, A blood disorder called Factor 5 Leyden that I have been told can be life threatening if not kept under close watch, Diabetes type2, Restless Leg Syndrome I guess you can get the picture. I am only 42 and have had 22 mostly major surgeries. I even have had to have a permanent central line put in my chest called a Hickman Cathetar for IVs and blood draws because I have no veins left because of all the illnesses and surgeries. I am on Paxil 40mg in the morning and Ativan 2mg as well as amitriptyline 25mg at bedtime as well as alot of other meds for the medical issues, and I am still up all night typing away at you folks. I tend to get so depressed it is awful, it doesn't help that I have severe PTSD too from a very traumatic abusive life. My husband I have now is great, so sometimes I feel guilty putting him through all this, he is always right there trying to help and sometimes I push him away. I hate not being able to sleep with him at night but I just can't sleep with all the pain and I have Chronic vomiting right now that is being looked in to. My husband is so worried about me, he doesn't want to lose me and it makes me feel guilty that I worry him because he has already had one heart attack so I am afraid the stress will give him another one. He tells me not to worry about him but I love him. I finally have someone who cares about me for who I am not for what he can get. Well I better stop typing or you folks will be reading the rest of your life, sorry. I'm tired of tests, doctors and meds. Anyone have any suggestions out there I really need help.