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How do you know that your hydrocodeine?

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mitjason 22 Jan 2010

You're are addicted if you abuse the drug. If you take more than is prescribed, you purchase them on the streets or take more than is prescribed by your doctor, you run out before your next prescription, you have to use it to get out of bed and function because without it you just want to sleep and are depressed. It may give you energy when you take this medication when you're addicted to it. Hope this helps and hope you find the help you need. Check out and they can give you more information. If you think you're addicted you most likely are addicted. Get the proper help and go to rehab if you are addicted. Good luck to you. Feel free to contact me privately anytime and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Good luck to you once again!

toxmd 14 Jul 2010

I find that too much is being made of addiction to hydrocodone. I've had to take this for several years straight at high doses, (Norco 10/325) 8/day. I stopped taking them abruptly, when i ran out too early and after 4 to 5 days of withdrawal symptoms, (worst on day 2-3), I was fine and stayed off them for over a year, until I exacerbated my back injury. You don't need rehab to get off of this drug.
Rehab is largely a money trap with the perfect sales pitch. If you admit your addicted to something, off you go to rehab. If you claim you are not addicted, YOU'RE IN DENIAL - and off to rehab, anyway.
I went to a rehab for health care professionals back in 1990 when I became best friends with spiced rum. I developed an inferiority complex from being forced to announce to all in ear shot, "Hi, I'm David and I'm an alcoholic." free discount card

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