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How do you know if you have adhd ? and how do they test for it?

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Lizardoli 10 Dec 2009

ADHD sometimes can be confused with other issues in the DSM book. It is best to get a referral to someone who specializes in ADHD, usually you are given a very broad set of tests that narrows the issues down so further testing can be done if needed, Some people go to their GP and talk to them and may get set up on a low dose of meds to see if it works out, if it does, they titrate up to the lowest level of medication that works for them.

Some ADHD'ers also have co-morbid issues with ADHD, so it can get a bit complicated to sort out at times. If you have symptoms that are interfering with your life and are concerned go get checked out. There are so many options to deal with the symptoms, but beware of who you see if they make a statement that they can cure ADHD!! ADHD is just a part of some people and those folks may benefit from medicatopn alone, or meds and cognitive therapy. free discount card

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