every morning like ants the men are here etc.to finish the job.I am tapering off hydrcodone as a lot of you know. did I mention I also went down in the ultram at the same time.was that a mistake? My husband has alzheimers,and I am generally under stress .I do believe the men are picking up on the mood swings... I have shared about my husband,4 years no brake losing my mind.I am happy to announce he is leaving Friday.soooo now back to me I am suffering ,shaky,(sp).exhausted and really angry at times.listen ,I know how hard some of you have it every day I love this place.I just do not know how to do this on my own without some support.I am feeling out of control one hour, and of course, better when I get the meds.I am also in some impressive pain.I am not talking to anyone about this cuz that's how I am.please tell me that one of you felt like you were having a breakdown.this I can't do.I am a strong women and my dr. Thinks that I need these drugs although he is cool with the hydro tapering.I am going up and down emotionally more now then when I started this.also have 2 or 3 good days.I try to laugh all the time and that is what has gotten me thru my life so far.I am sorry if I am going on and on but I must Maintain my professional face a little longer.if you are not my friend I am on hydro,ultram,3 x day moving down the hydro first .I am still taking the soma 4 times a day because I use one to sleep with a Valium at nite till hubbie goes. I just started the valiumwhen I started the tapering.maybe I should be on something for pain,but not everything,anyway I love you guys and when the bigger problems you are helping with slow down maybe some of my new friends can give me a shout out,c.