I've been suffering for years and had no idea from what. I was diagnosed with it about 2 years ago and everything they have put me on has either not worked or there was really bad side effects. I still have bad dreams(when I do sleep) and I can't go to one side of town without having panic attacks and there seems by everything I'm reading there nothing out there that seems helpful. I can't keep this up... everyone that is close to me is worried, they make my eat because I just have NO appetite, I don't sleep until my body just gives out and I pass out, when I sleep I have terrible nightmares that I can't remember all of,I smoke like a freight train,I don't let people get close and the list goes on. There has got to be something I can do and/or meds that can help this. Please any help would GREATLY be appreciated. I have had these symptoms for years and still don't have the tools I need.