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How do you deal with tramadol withdraw?

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chronicpainhurts 11 Feb 2010

Ask your dr to put you on temporary Valium thearpy... it works wonders with withdrawl of any prescription pain med... hope it helps~hang in there~I feel you~

Robert_325 12 Feb 2010

Need to know the amount of tramadol/ultram you've been using, for how long, have the doses changed recently, we need as much info as you can provide as it will all affect the proper answer. If you stop taking tramadol abruptly after using for very long at much of a dose you're at serious risk for having seizures.

Give us all the info you can. If you've been using very many you will need to get a script of anti-seizure medication such as depakote, dilantin, etc. You will need to do a proper taper down which we can help you with.

Tramadol also affects you emotionally when you stop. Lots of people find benefits using tramadol similar to antidepressants so we need to make a gameplan that takes all this into consideration. Hope that helps. Let me know the answers to the questions I asked and I can help you with this right here, no in-patient rehab, no missing work, it won't be bad if you'll go along with me I promise. God bless. : ) free discount card

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