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How do u know if your addicted to zanax?

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nightfairy242 4 Mar 2010


I know from talking with my doctor and from personal experience that when you're addicted to a benzo (which xanax is) you'll notice withdrawal symptoms if you try and stop. If you're a heavy, long term user, these symptoms can actually be very dangerous and could possibly kill you if you try and stop cold turkey. One of the withdrawal symptoms I've experienced is increased anxiety. It's a vicious cycle. You take the medication to relieve anxiety, but when you are hooked on it, not having it in your system actually gives you more anxiety that you had to begin with. In turn, people will take more and it'll help for awhile until you develop a tolerance. You'll continue to take higher doses until it gets to the point where you need medical help to stop the drug. I suggest taking the lowest dose possible and only when needed. Try not to take it daily unless you're doctor instructs you to.

ilooklikethe#12 4 Mar 2010

a perfect window into a window sized piece of my addict mind. :P oh, and hello nightfairy! im just a newbie hehe

ilooklikethe#12 4 Mar 2010

i also meant to state that the first posting is a correct, on-the-mutha-effen-nose-right. doctors got swiy on em so make them take you off. beware; any withdrawal is a process free discount card

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