I have had pain in my neck for the past 3 months, almost like I slept wrong or slept with a pillow in the wrong place. I explained to my pcp about the pain and gave me hydro and methocardom, it gave me relief initialy but doesnt seem to be helping anymore only if i increase my dosage. Pcp prescribed Neurotin, had severe side effects such as skin flushed red and feeling of being hot all the time, changed to Cymbalta and had similar symptoms of flushed skin and feeling hot. I discontinued use but Im at a loss as to what I can do bc pain gets so excruciating I just want to DIE! I can tell my pcp doesnt want to deal with me bc Im told to call my pain doc but I cant find an understanding one that will really listen to me. I dont want to continue wasting my $ on doc visits and trying new meds only to discontinue them when it doesnt work. I am supporting these docs with my income and spending all my free time waiting in waiting rooms. When does this cycle end? What can I possibly do any different then what Ive been doing? So exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically! Auuuugggghhhhhh!!!