My 23 yr old daughter is non verbal, Autistic and unable to express how the medications make her feel. I can tell by her actions and upset something is not right... can any one help me understand? Among other medications she has been on since she was 12, she recently tried Abilify while decreasing seroquel from 200XR to 0. Abilify by itself at 15 mg was not working so it was decreased a week ago to 7.5 mg and 50 mg of seroquel was added back. She also takes Zoloft (100 mg). BUT since the change in the last week it has been horribly upsetting for her both emotionally and actions wise. Is it because abilify was decreased abruptly OR the combination of the two meds OR because Seroquel just hasn't fully entered her system again. Is there any withdrawal effects from the abrupt decrease in Abilify ?
Can anyone help? thank you.