I'll start by Intro, my name is Alan and I'm 16. To the problem; I think my Dad does drugs. I say think because I have no solid proof that he does, but all my conclusions are coming together. I'll start with some backround with my dad, my dad used to be crazy in his teens, living in Mexico City, where violence is nothing to be surprised of. My dad used to be in gangs, he did DO drugs, he robbed, anything you may think a teen delinquent may do. When my parents got married, in the begging of the relation ship, my father did not change. From when I was born, till I was about 12, my dad was a mess. He would spend money like crazy, leaving my mom with unpaid bills to pay. He would come home, or sometimes not, drunk, and probably with drugs in his system, but we never noticed. This went on for 12 years, until I turned 12, there was some change in him. 4 years ago, we moved into this what is now our house. Big house means big bills, so he started to take stuff seriously. He changed a lot, he stopped spending so much money, who knows what he did with the money, but in general, just changed. He still has had some issues, probably smoking cigarettes is one of the biggest ones, but for the past year, he stopped smoking. I love my dad, hes the best dad, hes never given us physical abuse, neither to my mom, nothing like that, but he still thinks his in his young times. When hes intoxicated, he wants to fight everybody, including when we go to partys, he just likes to go off on people. Then he starts imagining stuff, he thinks my mom dates other men, same stuff over and over every time. Im sure this isn't just beer. But like I said, this past 4 years he has been ok, until now. Today to be exact, my mother was ready to go to a party with my dad, and my mom was trying to find some old pair of ear rings. She didnt find them, neither was other of the jewelry. We're pretty sure, knowing my dad, he sold it, and he must have got a good amount of money for it, but what does he do with the money, we dont know. I think its drugs.

How do I think I know he does drugs? Ive gathered up a lot of things that I've noticed. First of all, him and my mothers brother, his brother in law, are best of friends. My uncle is a swinger, hes had a past wife and kids, which the family ended in a failure. One Christmas night eve, we always invite our family into our house and have big partys and stuff, so one time I walked outside to throw something away, thats when my uncle was outside, alone. With a glimpse, I saw my uncle put some kind of thing I saw in the movie scarface, a tube looking thing in his nose, sniffed (yes i heard the sniff), and put it in his pocked. It was less than 2 seconds. I never ever said anything to anyone about this.Until a year ago I told my mom, and she agreed, my uncle probably does drugs. My mom then told me one day, my dad came home late, earlier when I was under 12, with some white stuff under his nose, but she never said nothing until then that she told me. 2 months ago, he was trying to get a job, which required drug test, and he went out to buy a cleaning system, supposedly telling us that he smoked a lot of ciggars. He likes to workout too, he likes to be in shape, if he starts getting fat, he workout a lot, he buys protein shakes and some vitamins they sell at the store GNC, some store for health. I have noticed how my dad takes too many advils, he takes 2 every morning, non stop everyday, just yesterday I asked him why, and he says for his back, since he does have 2 jobs. I'm don't think that's the reason. My mom is pretty sadden of this, and I'm honestly tired of this bullshit. My question is, how do I ask my dad about the money, and how to ask him if he does drugs? What do I do if he confesses he does? What do I do with a drug addicted father? How do I approach this?