I have been taking subs for about two yrs. Started taking them in order to "get off" hydrocodone. Could go on for hours about the details of why I started taking pain pills, subs... But the point is I WANT OFF THE SUBS and i would like to make it as "painless" as possible. This forum seems like a great place to turn for advice/support and I am open to all educated advice.
So here is my story. Doc started me on 8mg 3 times daily (I did not always take 21mg bc I did not feel like I needed it) 6 months ago, I began to taper off. It's been a very slow taper under "md supervision" (if u consider seeing your md once every 3 months to get new script "supervision") basically, I've been tapering myself down bc I made up my mind with the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and lots of prayer... that I am ready to be clean... totally clean of all narcotics. I am down to 2mg (1/2 in a.m. & 1/2 in p.m. And have been at that dose for two weeks now with no problems at all. I have 16 2mg strips left and I DO NOT want to go back to md. I want out of this cycle and I want to live my life fully without pain meds. I am praying someone can tell me how to taper from where i am now, with the 16 2mg subs that I have left. I can get more subs very easily, but I really really want to be DONE. I KNOW that I can do it with the help of Jesus, family, and support groups but I am VERY scared. I've been through withdrawals from hydrocodone before and it was not nice. I have a great husband, children and work environment and I have to be able to function at work and at home. Reading all the positive, encouraging words that you all seem to have for one another is amazing :-) Makes me know I'm making the right decision, but doesn't make me any less fearful of what's to come. Please help me!!!