I started Suboxone 8 days ago to help in the detox from being on Oxycodone (120 mgs/day) for pain management for 2 years. The first day I took 12 mgs and then down 2 mgs/day until the 6th day where I have stayed at 4 mgs. I have had withdrawals the whole time but have found them to be somewhat tolerable until now. I feel really worn down dealing with this. My main concern is that I do NOT want to become dependant on Suboxone and have to go through this again. I would like to continue to taper off as quickly as possible, but the withdrawals have become worse the last 2 days... mainly the body pain and restless legs! My doc's plan is to be on this for 3 - 6 months and after doing some research, I do not want to be on it that long. Any advice for the easiest and best way to continue a fast taper would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!