Hi Everyone
I have a question on How should I talk to my new pain spec Dr. I was on 210 mg of oxycodone.And now I take 3-40mg of oxycontin and 3 -10 mg of perc.But I am in more painToday my back is killing me. But I am not sure if I should say anything.Some times being honest with these pain dr makes u look like a drug seeker WHICH I AM NOT.But my quality of life is not as good as it once wasnow.What should I do? I am an honest person I NEVER sell my meds or give them away,But all the people who do this makes it hard on a true chronic pain pt.My next appt will only be the 2ed time I have seen this new dr.I have many poblems with my back neck and arm.I have been on pain meds fo 12 years.And I will be on them the rest of my life and I am only 50 years old.But part of me doesn't want something stronger as I should live at least 20 more years.And I am woundering what will tuch my pain even 5 years from now. I hate being on these but I can't take the pain either.Should I even say anything.And if so How do I approach this situation
Thanks So Much
The Cleo