Hello all ! Hoping someone who understands, can help me right away, if possible? I'm so worried.
I have been in difficult situation for this weekend, until I can see/call my Dr. on Monday morning. ( no "emergency" service, which amazes me!) I've never had an issue like this & have been on same, rather,high dose~I feel~ of Oxycontin, long acting & Oxy IR 15mg, for almost 9 years, now, and it's worked well.)
I cannot fill my newest scripts, though, until one day, next week, and have no 40 or 20 mg. meds right now. I have my OxyIR 15 mg. ( and older script of percocet, that I stopped taking long ago~switched to the IR's a while ago, to replace the Percocet, due to Dr. feeling the tylenol in it was bad idea, long term.) I also cannot afford the crazy cost ( out-of-pocket) for these medicines, on my fixed income. ( really upsetting!)
What I needed to know, is if anyone out there, knows if it's possible ( & how I would do this for next few days) to take the IR's 15mg. in place of the Oxy ER I'm usually taking? I'm so scared? I usually take 40mg & 20 mg. Oxy ER.
I'm a newly single mom, & this seems so amazing to me, that I could end up in this situation, after all these years. I listened to my Dr. recently, after injuring my already-disabled-body, when moving w/ my kids.
He said, "you have your medication, just take an extra here & there if you're really in so much more pain during the night, right now." I did just that. ( and now, too early to fill new meds.) Easy for Dr. to say, but didn't think of what this would do at Rx.( due to Ins.Co.) later. I should have known better, but I didn't. I just knew how badly I was hurting & nobody wants to give "extra" pain med, even if we, who live with any constant pain, actually get hurt & have "extra pain."
If anyone has an answer to this, or any advice at all about replacing the IR's 15
for the 40 & 20 mg. I usually alternate, I'd be VERY, VERY GRATEFUL to you:)
This is scary w/ children. I am feeling quite dizzy. Have tried to take the IR's since last night, with no call back from my pharmacy, yet. So, HELP, please!
( and thank you, I'm new to this site:)