My brother has been addicted to pot for years (he is 19), and it has ruined his life, up to the point where he has now decided enough is enough and he is quitting. He is doing well so far and is opening up to me and my parents about the bad decisions he has made and also telling me how he keeps having horrible nightmares and cant sleep well at night. We are all encouraging him and letting him know we are here for him, trying to be as supportive as possible. He also has very abrupt highs and lows in his moods and I have been trying to help him by just being a listening ear and trying to get him to think about seeing a drug counsellor, which he is unsure about as he thinks it wont help him. He is also telling me how depressed he has been feeling. I want to really help him so he never goes back to the way he was, and so I need to know what I can do and say to really support him and make him feel better. Would he be better going on some sort of a medication to help him with his mood? Should he talk to a drug counsellor? Please help me to get my brother back :)