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How do I support my bipolar sister who is experiencing 'mixed states' ?

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bipolar4life 18 Apr 2011

The number one thing to do for me when i was experiencing that and i lovedmy husband fior he didnt make excuses or make light of it and such he was just "there" by my side through it all listening
hope this helps lol janymak
hope she is getting good help u will be in my praYERS mixed states make u aggrivated and u dont want that ya know that is why when my hubby listened and didnt give me feedback"unless" i asked for it i felt better soon

TwoOfCupsIsLove 26 Apr 2011

Thank you so much for answering back to me and for the advice. I am very close to my sister, and I hate not being able to help her rid the thoughts & things that she's experiencing. Wish I coud take away her pain, and that she could live a life without this constant turmoil. But for now, I will continue to love her, support her, listen to her, never judge her & embrace her always & forever. I have grown into a lady through out this experience that she's been coping with, and I will continue to educate myself & family to keep my eyes, ears, heart & soul open to all that comes into our sisterly path. For we can conquere whatever may strike is down. I am grateful to have such a lovely sister to look up to & adore =)
Thank you bipolar4life for your suggestions. May your heart feel comfort & love during your journey. I will keep you in my prayers as well
Have a lovely evening

LaurieShay 18 Apr 2011

Hey TwoOfCupsIsLove,

I am bipolar and have been dealing with the issues that this disorder brings for many years. My family has been very supportive and understanding. Providing a listening ear is probably the most critical help you can offer. I don't know the specific of your sister's situation but being their to help support her monetarily if she in unable to hold down a job maybe important too. May I recommend you go to the following site:

bpso stands for bipolar significant other and is a website full of information for loved ones of bipolar persons. You can also google "loved ones of bipolar person". There are numerous sites offering information to help you help a loved one with bipolar disorder.

Most of all being a friend who is willing to love her unconditionally is paramount.

Best wishes,


Psyched 18 Apr 2011

The best thing you can do besides being there and remaining nonjudgmental is this: Ask the people at her hospital OR her doctor's office about support groups for families of bipolar patients. The hospital that I work at has one 2x a week so I know they exist. If none can tell you where to find one, then check on-line or call your county's MHMR office because I guarantee that they will be able to help. It's great that you wnatto support your sister in her time of need but you have to be able to manage your own feelings as well so make sure you have someone who can lend you an ear should you need help as well. Good luck and take care.

bipolar4life 19 Apr 2011

ty ((((((psyched))))))) that is exactly what i was thinking but couldnt spit it out
not judging and such is important i guess i left out key important things
so sorry for that hon!! your sisiter is lucky to havew u i know for me we are all different though like when someone listens because it means they care to me anyways, i dont mean not giving any feedback and such but in my life people have walked away once they found out so when someone sticks around listens with an open ear without judging is just great for me
make sure if she gets meds prescribed too she takes them every day without fail even if she feels better
hope i helped more this time hon lol sis janymak

Inactive 19 Apr 2011

Make sure she is seeing the right doctor & getting the right meds. My husband is bipolar & has tried to commit suicide so many times. The last time he almost died, but the doctor (physch)literally along with all the other specialists saved his life. He is normally a child physciatrist, but was on call & he is the first (of many) that my husband couldn't talk his way out. He diagnosed him as bipolar & put him on Zoloft. It's been 8 years, & he's a changed person. I will hope for the best for you & your sister. Give her lots of hugs... free discount card

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