hi, my name is joe, im 23, Im not your ordinary 23 yr old tho. Since i was 16 i've been struggling on and off with using/ and not using drugs, from weed, coke, extacy, perks, oxys, pcp etc... im OK (kinda) now, Ive stopped everything except perks... i hear thats the hardest addiction to kick, harder then heroin!!! im from jersey city, nj so theres alot ov stuff goin on. Im like the show jackass, always doing stupid stunts and getting hurt, (not to get pills lol) but when i get hurt thy give me perks. i recently got stabbed 2 times in the back, so i weas on heavy pain killers, OXY 30mgs there 2 strng for me so i sole em n got more perks... how can I stop??? dont want 2 tell my parents cause it will break there heart AGAIN... like i said im your ordinary 23 yr old ive been in jail (short term) rehab ( inpatient 1 yr) and outpatient (6) months... I want 2 stop but idk how.. I NO im addicted but i dont need them, its not like if i dont have it im sick, i just will be mad then eventually get over it. its making me NOT ME, please im open to any advice, and/or + criticism, I rememberf when I was in rehad, there was a group where you point out the other persons prob IN a screaming put down way, and build them back up, worked pretty g0od. after that i joined the U.S. Army where i was a g0od boy, not out on med discharge ( of corse) well thanks 4 your time ppl please give me feed back>> Joey Caruso