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How do I stop savella without withdrawal symptoms?

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Inactive 20 Dec 2011

Hello sanddeemc. I was reading up on savella, and the side effects that you'd most probably be going through if abruptly stopping the drug. I really don't know much about the drug, meaning only what I've read. Its suggested that if you plan to stop taking it, you contact your doctor, on how to go about doing so. Certainly a taper would be a part of it. Best of wishes to you,pledge

Jillynnie 21 Dec 2011

hi there sweet pledge,
I notice your avatar has a new banner. In gold, no less! :)
Hope you are doing well and looking forward to Christmas with your family. :)

Miss ya!

Inactive 21 Dec 2011

Hi Jillynnie. This year its going to be the two of us. My son and his family are staying home in Florida, to spent Chriatmas with his in laws. So its my wife, our dogs and cats and a great meal, possibly a midnight service. Have a wonderfull Christmas,pledge

Jillynnie 21 Dec 2011

sounds like a perfect Christmas for two! :) plus our loved pets. My dog brings me SO much joy! And, my daughter just moved home and brought her cat. We love him. He is such a great addition to our family. He is only 3 months old and so much fun. Has a LOT of kitten in him and a great personality.

I am headed to the doc to get my blood work results. I will post when I get back to update everyone. Very anxious to get these!

Best to you,
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