when i stand up my stomach hurts i have to sit which makes me tiered and i get explosive diahrea i just want to get sober i have ADHD i think that is why ilike those oxycodone so much because they help me get my daily work done with out loosing focus i actually complete what im suposed to do rather than half assing everything.that makes me feel good.I am dependent on them now. not only mentally but physicaly also!! I dont know what to do> I need somthing to help me feel better without having to feel the pain and having to dred every day i have to deal with coming down off those stupid things i extremly ill and its only my first day off i had a pointless day got nothing done and my kids can see the difference they always ask me whats wrong why are you angry i feel so horrible!!! PLEASE HELP!! please help me feel better NE info you have that would be usefull to help me get my life bake together.