Hello Iam not sure where to start. But my boyfriend of 5 years has been using oxys and coccaine for two years now. It started just as a weekend thing. But has progressed into a full time thing. It has taken over. He barely works, he doesn't pay bills, he doesn't grocery shop... its just drugs, then lay on the couch and be grumpy. He only works just to make money for the drugs. I have been reading all of your stories and comments for while now. It has helped a lot. I finally made the choice to move out and get my own place. But now it feel worse than It did living there with him. I love him so much and I feel like Iam so lost. We still see eachother and he is still using. Hes told me a million times he has a problem and is going to get help. But never does. I miss him and don't know how to let go. I cry all the time, sometimes it just hits me and I start to bawl. At work, in the car. It just hurts so bad. What do I do?