Following aortic valve replacement coumadin was prescribed and use is being monitored by inr regularly. Six or more blood pressure meds prescribed in the months following were replaced because of side effects Since October '09 I have been exeriencing varying levels of joint and muscle pain (no prior experience of discomfort); crippling of hands; lightheadedness; dizziness; increased and occasionally extreme rise in blood pressure (none prior to coumadin); general malaise and lack of interest in former activities. I want to eliminate coumadin and replace it with fish oil.

I have read that the use of fish oil - not coumadin - in Europe is usual and
general. In Italy, if not recommended by cardiologists after heart surgery, a doctor will be punished, by law. (I googled it.)

All lab work and other tests repeatedly show unremarkable numbers and I have a stronger body and experience better health than I have/had a right to expect during the 83 years preceding the onset of the difficulties that lead to aortic valve replacement. My recovery was very quick for several months following surgery until an incident (the first of several) of sudden increase of blood pressure for no apparent reason to numbers greater than 200/100. No treatment was given beyond a series of tests above referenced and the watchful wait while the numbers decreased to their usual place at systolic 155
to 180/ over dystolic 69 to 80 plus. Before surgery and coumadin the BP RX/s norm was 120 to 130/60 to 70. I will make the change soon, whether with or wirhout professional advice. If I can regain my life before pharmaceuticals for even a short period of time before a final incident of over-the-top bp, it will be worth it. This non-life is not.

If this were to continue I would not think that the effort