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How do I setup my medications daily when most of them interact with each other?

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DzooBaby 2 May 2011

You might want to talk to your Dr or your pharmacist to answer this question. I would start with talking to your pharmacist. This kind of thing is what they are there for. They can review all your medications and see what interacts and help you with a schedule. Some interactions are more serious than others, depending on what medications you take. Pharmacist are expert at the chemical interactions of these drugs and will be able to tell you which ones are more serious and which ones are nothing to be worried about.

madhattersbash 2 May 2011

If you need help in separating them out during the day, try going here: I have been using two of their products for many years now: #67165, EZY DOSE, One Day at a Time Weekly Medication Organizer (LARGE); it comes in blue, green or 'natural', which is white.
You can find some of their products in the pharmacy, but I've never found this largest size there! Price is $11.88 for one, or $10.67 for two or more.
(I paid $13.97 per item for two of them in June of 2008!)

smileyhappy 3 May 2011

Hi Burna,
I would talk to your pharmacist for sure. At my pharmacy the pharmacist tell me if a new med will interfere with the others. So he call the doctor for something that will work with my other meds. I also have a disspill. It's a paper and plastic container that organises, and schedules your pills in day and time order. Like Monday May 9 morning, lunch, supper, bedtime. You just pop out the meds you need. It's perforated so you can cut and carry them with you. No more figuring out all the meds. Hope this helps you. Take care. free discount card

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