My husband has been using percocets for many? years. He fessed up to me 2 years again. But since then he has claimed to be clean & then I find he is not. Though he has kept a job this whole time he has put us in a serious financial mess. He has pawned cameras, tvs, my jewelry(including my wedding rings!), kids ds. The most recent problem is him going to 2 rent to own store and getting 3 50" TVs and pawning one and giving the others to drug dealers. I work 2 jobs to keep up the household since our bills are overwhelming. We have been to counseling and the whole time he claimed to be clean and even got the counselor on his side by saying the marriage isn't working because "I yell at him all the time." Now for 2 months things seem to be better. He is seeing a drug addiction counselor on his own. He said he is not taking anything but this week I found 2 methodone tablets in his car. Also, he won't tell the rent to own shops where exactly those TVs are. I don't know how to tell if he is really clean, if the methodone is to help with the addiction or just another pill for him to abuse? We have 3 children and I am not leaving because it is my house.