Im 20 years old.I suffer from uncontrollable migraines,joint pain,back pain,an my neurologist believes i may have Multiple Sclerosis but im still getting test done.I have been prescribe all types of prescription pain medicines to cope with my pain everything from oxycodine,vicodine ,to promethizine,an anything you can imagine.I've taken to much medicine that back in 2010 it gave me ulcers not to mention its like the strongest medicine doesn't even have an effect on me anymore.My current problem is that i take my meds ALL the time.It use to be for the pain now its like if i don't take them i get moody,upset stomach,dizzy,achey,shakes.It's like if i see my medication laying around i'll automatically start to feel bad like my body is doing it to it's self just so i can take it.My mother thinks i have a problem an im starting to think so myself.I jus want to know if i should get help before i have a full blown problem.