it all started on a warm spring evening. yadda yadda yadda. mri shows a slipped disc. i concider what i'm expieriencing fake pain, no real problem with the sore areas just a result of nerves being touched. however i'm damn near incapable of movement. doc started me on 5/500 ov vicodin. i felt near zero relief. bumped up to 10/325 percocet and i can move like a normal person. the perscription says take one every six hours, and i find if i let that time frame laps then me back begins to hurt . lying on my floor has always been a comfort zone for this. should i try to tough thru the pain and take less pills or continue being under constent effect untill who knows when. in the mornings i'll stay on the floor as long as i can and don't start taking pills untill i have to get up and moving, then i make sure i'm medicated untill i can return to my beloved floor. i may be addicted to my floor. oh how i yurn to get back to my presious. the dosage is acompanied by a muscle relaxor which in to be taken as needed. which i've concidered to be if i know i'm gonna over do it physically and bed time to help with sleep. i enjoy the buzz. but usually just while i'm in it. and not concerned with the buzz just relieveing pain upon taking a dose. it seem to me like i'm not in trouble but how will i know if i am. i hope not to be wasting anyone's time.
thank you