In July I weighed 126 lbs. I was a 5'2" 38 yr. woman with a healthy muscular build with Narcolepsy, REM Sleep Disorder, and arthritis all in managed control since 2005. In April I was diagnosied with and started treatment for Fibromyalgia, and recently (2 weeks) learned there is damage to the nerves in my cervical spine. In August I started having major problems - severea nausea, vomiting, pain in the upper center quadrant of my stomach. I could not eat solid foods or drink thick liquids; sometimes the smell of food made me gag. I saw a ton of doctors, I was not able to complete a HIDA Scan (no cck due to no dye in the gallbladder), I also had no emptying during the gastric stomach emptying scan. A colonoscopy, endoscopy, upper Gi, and a slew of blood work were all fine aside from malnutrition. I am on short term disability from work (with 5 wks left of FMLA). I have a tentative diagnosis of gastroparesis. I have started to back-off all my meds that are not necessary (off Savella, off Nuvigil, off all GI related drugs). I only take my REM sleep meds. I have lost so much weight I can't DO anything, I am too weak. I weigh 100 lbs. (fully dressed) and am pinning up my pants which are a girls size 12. I need to stop losing weight. My wedding rings are on a chain around my neck. I miss food - I want to eat. I have started to force myself to eat no matter what - pain or no pain. But I still am losing weight. I am now also sick with a cold that does not seem to be going away - however the doctor doesn't seem concerned aside from preventative antibiotics to keep me from getting an infection. I keep getting shoved from doctor to doctor while my body is feeding on itself - How much is ENOUGH? I AM SCARED!