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How do I know I am having complications with my Horseshoe kidney?

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suzanne66 8 Sep 2009

About one-third of patients with Horseshoe kidney will have no symptoms. One-third of individuals with horseshoe kidney will have another anomaly or other complication involving the cardiovascular, nervous, or genitourinary system. Symptoms will vary depending upon which body system is involved.

Complications may include:
•kidney stones - crystals and proteins that form stones in the kidney that may lead to a urinary tract obstruction.
•hydronephrosis - enlargement of the kidneys that usually results from a urinary tract obstruction.
•Wilms tumor - an embryonic tumor of the kidneys that usually occurs during early childhood.
•renal cancer, or polycystic kidney disease
•hydrocephaly and/or spina bifida
•various cardiovascular, gastrointestinal findings (i.e., anorectal malformations, malrotated bowel), or skeletal problems (i.e., cleft lip/palate, clubfoot, polydactyly

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