My 6 yr old son has severe adhd and has been on Daytrana 15 mg for two years now. Once it kicks in, he is amazingly focused... without it, he is completely out of control. He only survives first grade because of the patch... but lately he has begun removing it behind my back early on after it is applied and the school has called to report his silliness, lack of focus, aggression, and inability to handle social situations. Is there a medication like Daytrana that can be taken in liquid form since he refuses to take anything crushed up? I am worried that this will become a new daily thing? Has anyone else had this problem and can u please give me advice on where I can place his patch where it cant be removed? I am having such a difficult time with his new form of 'independence'.
Also, has anyone had problems with their child experiencing anxiety, ocd behaviors, or severe lack of appetite on the patch? These are the major issues that we are dealing with. The benefits of the patch are great, but I fear the side effects may hinder his social skills. Please help!