My boyfrined is a recovering addict, he has been sober for about 2 years. He recently finished probation which he was on for 3 years in which he was required to take mandatory random drug tests and seek counseling. he came to me after his probation finished and told me that he wants to start smoking pot again. he feels he can do it once a month and be ok with that and keep it under control. i dont believe it, i have seen wayyyyy to much in the last 6 years.. he has also gotten a new prescription for Ambien which is sleeping medication and he is abusing that as well. he doesnt see this as a problem. he takes more than the prescribed dose and then stays awake to feel the high rather than using it to fall asleep. His reason for starting up the pot again is that he now feels that it is part of his core nature and he cant imagine a life without being able to get buzzed. DENIAL in the biggest form if you ask me. I am not sure what to do about this. His bottom is a needle in his vein and i dont want to see him go back to that. he assures me that he would never. i dont believe anything he is telling me. My biggest problem is that I am his only support, he used to listen to me and come to some sort of realization before when he was slipping and get back on track. Now he doesnt want to hear anything I am saying. He says it is my fault if I choose to break up the family because I cant accept him smoking "every once in a while", I am supposed to trust him... i cant do this. And I have tried every tactic I know to get him to see where he is headed, he is more in denial than I have ever seen him and I dont know what is causing this or how I can help, he isnt even admitting that this is a problem right now! Please share some words of advice encouragement, anything.. Thanks :)