Hi there, my 19 year old son is definitely on drugs not sure if class A or C, we saw pot and some tablets in his pocket before. He lives away from home as he is at Uni. He failed his first year and should start in Jan 2012 for a repeat. He is very aggressive and has severe mood swings. He contantly shouts and swears something we do not do. He writes nice emails and sms to us but flips when he sees us. Last week he came home after 4 hr journey snapped at his mum and dad and started swearing and left back to his place telling us he does not feel he has a home. He is in denial and does not listen to anything we say. He said he wants to die we will bury him one day and he hates his dad despite the fact he pays for his living expenses and rent. We love our son so much despite his behaviour and we know he needs professional help but not sure how to do this and whether he wants to do this especially he is in denial. He has bad relations with his brother and his parents. We are really worried and prepared to pay for anything to cure him before it is late.

Please advise me as to what to do?