My spouse has been a long time Vicodin user. It started when my spouse ruptured a disc in their back, L5 S1 to be specific and found out that they have spinal stenous. That happened about 2 and a half years ago. My spouse takes anywhere from 6 to 12 Vicodin 10-325s daily. We both know now that it is not completely for the pain in their back and that this is a problem. This is affecting our family and our lives and interferring in our marriage. My spouse wants to stop and is trying to taper off and is seeking counseling and has gotten in touch with a sponsor. I just want to know how I can support my spouse and the things to expect while they go through this process. At times it is very stressful and irritating. The severe mood swings and arguing are really getting to me and my spouse has stated to me that when life is stressful that is when they want to and feel that they need to take more Vicodin than is recommended on the prescription. Please any advise and help that anyone can offer would be more than greatly appreciated. I want to help my spouse in any way possible and I want to be the best for my spouse that I can possibly be at this time of need. Just someone tell me what to do and I will do whatever it is to help, and what to expect and how to deal with it and how to best help my spouse. Thank you.