My Dr. prescibed me 12 5/325 percosets a day, 2 years ago he cut that to 9 a day. He also gave me 2 2oml. oxicodone pr. day, 4 20ml. adderal a day & 4 .05 xanax a day. He suddenly, in 1 day cut me off from all meds and refuses to help see me through any weening off or what ever. Also, I have a serious problem with depression for which I take 180ml. Cymbalta. That, with the Adderal worked well, but now my mind and my insides are at war withe. I've been diagnosed as ADD and in 2000 I had a double valve replacement with artificial valve replacement with artificial valves. What do do? I'm going insane. I feel as if I'm going to die.