Hi all. My name is Mande and I am new to the site. (I actually stumbled into this forum tonight while visiting this site to identify some generic perks I got.) I have had an addiction to narcotic pain pills for going on 6 years now. Recently, I have decided I am going to completely transform my life in 60 days, and one of the first things to tackle on this to-do list of mine is to overcome my addiction. I know about the suboxens and have been using them on and off for a little while now. My problem is that I get them off the street, so when I cant find any subs, I'll score Perks, vikes, oxys, whatever I can get a hold of to get rid of the withdraw, and the whole sick cycle starts all over again. Its a never ending struggle that I am tired of repeating. I know that if I had enough Subs I could end the addiction, but for me, they are hard to find. So, my question is this: how do I go about in finding an affordable outpatient suboxone clinic or doctor in Cleveland? I have no medical insurance, so affordable is the key word here. I am happy that I found this site, for I know that I need support but support groups are not my thing. I think with the subs and this forum I can do it, and I look forward to giving and receiving any help that I am sure that this site will bring. Thanks for your time, Manda.