I started on it a little over a year ago, (tens) as my pained worsened, I started taking more and more. It got to where I was taking about 10 a day. Then due to the stress and chaos around me i think i was takinng it more for the feel good. I got to where i didnt want to leave the house, and spending alot of money on them when i ran out.
I woke up wensday took what i had then decided thats it, im not doing this anymore, i believe i have the strength because i cant afford it and i have 3 kids 13, 16, 18 and i raise them on my own therefore what i have been doing is no fair to them. Im on day 2 with no meds, however im sick as heck, all night last night i would get hot then cold, i got no sleep and today i feel horrible. I am also on ambien which i tried last night and it didnt help with the sleep. I also am prescribed clazepan but have never really took them, will they help? my daughters 14th birthday is tommorow and i dont want to be this sick. I am afraid to go to my doctor because its a small town, word travels fast.