Hi gang! I had a great morning run today. The weather was beautiful and altho it was a bit chilly it was perfect for running a long run. I took my dog Ginger with me. She's an awesome athlete.(also a frisbee dog)
When I first jumped off sub, there was a period of time that I would wake up every morning with a migraine. Mind you, I DID NOT have them when I was on opiates or sub (NOT that I KNOW of or not that I could FEEL) but as soon as I got thru the first 2 weeks of w/ds after going off sub, I started to get these headaches..only in the morning and they would go away when I got up and moving a bit. They eventually went away after about day 80 clean of sub.. and now, as of yesterday a.m and this a.m. they're BAAACK! The difference is that today's migraine never really went away..I didn't notice it while running but after coming home I have been dodging it all day. At present, I feel a bit nauseated but haven't really eaten much today.
How do you deal with these migraines when you are an addict, can't take pain meds, are off sub, and already have a great diet and exercise plan... am I over reacting? I just haven't ever had these headaches before or actually felt them before :)