I have been using it satisfactorily for several years for skin problems that would not respond to other treatments. I also have many other medical problems. while using it for the skin problems, I discovered it was very good at relieving other problems such as Pseudo Gout in the joints, there are several joints I have a problem with, Knees, Fingers, Foot, ect. It even works for smashed fingers. I have found it to be a great pain reliever applied externally. I have had no side effects.

I am an 84 yr old male. my medical history includes, Prostate Cancer 17 years ago, Heart attack many years ago, TIA strokes before using this cream, Shingles in my youth & several reoccurances, Pulmanary Fibrosis 6 yr's ago & have been off oxygen 3yr's with my blood oxygen maintaining at or above 95 o/o, I strongly recommend this as a WONDER DRUG.