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How do I adjust coumadin dose when taking 7 day course of keflex?

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Inactive 31 May 2010

It might not effect your Coumadin, but I would call Doctor, Pharmacist, or INR Clinic and asked. None of them should charge you for information.

marjorie zych 1 Jun 2010

Unfotunately alot of antibiotics will affect Coumadin. I am on Coumadin for life with occassional Lovenox injections. Coumadin can be hard to manage sometimes especially when illness comes up and you need antbiotics. I would consult you Coumadin prescriber about this, they will need to monitor your PT/INR levels closely until you are off the Keflex because that IS one of the drugs that will interfere with Coumadin, it does it to me all the time, but everyone's system is different. Where you are only on the Keflex for 7 days they may leave the dosing schedule alone and see what happens, there is always Vitamin K shots if it goes to high or the doctor may take you off the Coumadin for a day or two. I hope this info helps some if you have any questions about Coumadin feel free to ask, I don't know everything but have been on Coumadin for 10 years so far and have learned alot from my Hematologist. If I don't have the answer I would be more than willing to find the correct answer from my specialist for you, o.k.. Good luck on the Coumadin--- Good drug just tricky sometimes.

Inactive 1 Jun 2010

Good job on continued information Marjorie. free discount card

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