Please do not post the directions that come with the solution I have tried that and it's not working. First of all, the bottle cap you're supposed to use to apply the stuff sucks and I can't even tell if anything comes out of it. So I used cotton balls. I just took the cap off and pressed the cotton firmly against the cap, then tipped it upside down to soak the cotton ball a little. I did that two times on each armpit and then dried it with a blow drier on cool. The first night was fine, the second night I did the same thing again and it burned constantly while trying to sleep. The next day my armpits were red and really sore. So now I just applied the cotton-ball-soaked-hypercare just once on each side and the itching went down, until today (after day 4), the redness and soreness returned, and I'm still sweating. I don't how everyone else got it to work but someone please help me because you know how frustrating it is so sweat all day. If you have any tips or tricks please state them and I will try it.