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How did I pass a drug test the same day I took oxycontin?

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mpvt 17 Apr 2010
mpvt 17 Apr 2010

you got lucky, it does take a while to metabolize the oxycodone.Had you have gone the next day or maybe even a few hours later then you likely would have failed..Hope that explains it...

cmp2010 18 Apr 2010

well... i was using the day before that and the day before that and the day before that too... do u explain that?

mpvt 18 Apr 2010

easy,they were using a 5 strip panel with usually doesn't show a semi or full synthetic opiate. If they don't send it to the lab then they won;t know. So you may have gotten lucky, for now...

christineATU 18 Apr 2010

mmmm..sounds like an addict who likes to brag about "using" meds obviously not prescribed to him/her and befuddled on how it showed up negative. To the questioner (abuser)... haven't you the slightest ounce of guilt for making it damn near impossible for the legitimate patients to obtain meds without having to give up their first born? Probably not. Abusers have no conscience.

christineATU 18 Apr 2010

Sorry Dave, I couldn't help myself.

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