so I married my long time friend of 30 years! thing were going good then I started see a change in him it started of with our sex life it was bad. he would tell me that he needs to go see a doctor and making excuse why it would work!
Then I found pills lying around and it made me open my eyes to what was really going on. I look at our banking and money was being taken out alot .
after three years the truth comes out I stright out asked him if he was hooked on oxy and it took him two days to tell me the truth.
I find out that he's bein hooked for aboout 6 years now and man did that kill me! wow so our three years together was a lie!!! it's crasy when you stop to think about all the lies you don't see them at the time , but they sure do come together. so now what ? Ive tryed to talk to him about it and what he's going to do about it and he tell;s me not to worrie he will take care of it! he said he's going to ween himself off the oxy's all alone on his own! he went to the doctor's and they gave him some pills , he's not taking them! I took his bank card away from him and told him I will give him money when he needs it ! three days later he tells me he want's the bank card back and that he feels like a kid asking for money,that I should have faith in him!.I gave it back to him! He wont talk about it and he come's home like everything is fine ! It's not fine . he also told me that rehab is out of the question and he's not going on methadon. He really believe's he can do it on his own!