Hey all.
Ive got a really big problem. I think im addicted to Percocet 30's. It all started one day when i found a little blue pill in the gym, and put it in my pocket just out of curiosity. Uppon getting home i looked it up online just to see what it was, and it said it was Oxyxodone 30mg. So stupid me decided to take it. I felt great!!! The very next day i told my friend about it and he also said he takes them, and got me some more. Anyways, one thing led to another and im ive now been on them for 6 months. Im taking about 6 a day and dont even get high anymore off of them. I just now need to take 1-2 every morning just to feel normal. Ive tried going without them on several occasions and cant even function. I cant even get out of bed. I also could not see myself going to work without them, because i wont be able to work. Its spiraling my life out of control. I need help getting off of these things. What the hell could i do??
About 2 weeks ago one of my friends told me his doctor put him on something called soboxine to get off these little blue devils and that it works good. He asked if i wanted to try them and of course i said yes. Anything is better than those little pills that are ruining my life. So i tried one and OMG, they work like magic. I felt like myself again. I couldnt believe it.
After taking them for a week i ran out and of course went back to the Percocets.
My question is how do i get put on suboxin myself?? Will the doctor give them to me if i tell him the same story. Im totally lost at this point and dont know what to do. Need your advice guys. Plz help. I cant go on like this. Its the worst feeling in the world time 10...