ok, im not proud of what i did but these are the facts of the situation. i recently got a phone call for work and was informed that i had to pass a 10 panel drug test before i could start, i smoked marijuana about 3 weeks ago and rather be safe than sorry i used synthetic urine in the whizzinator. this product should not have any drugs in it whatsoever. when i got my results back they told be that i recieved a non negative result for OXY and that it was being sent to the lab for confirmation. how could have happened. the syntheic urine should have NOTHING in it that is detectable. im sitting here waiting to here from the lab to see what they find. is there anyway the test strip that they used malfunctioned? will the lab be able to rule out any drugs in the urine? please help. Your answers and opinions mean the world to me and i respect everyones replys