I took my 11 yr old to an eye doctor yesterday because both of her eyes were red, itchy, painful, swollen, sensitive to light,and her tear ducts looked inflammed. She comlains mosty, that there feels like something is in her eyes and they itch like crzy. She was and still is exremely uncomfortable. The itching started 1st in her lft eye, 4 days ago, but within 2 days the other symtoms listed above came on abruptly and her rght eye started to look red and she felt as if something was in it. By the next day both eyes were looking and feeling pretty bad. She hasn't had any drainage, just tearing, with the exception of this morning, but was eleviated by a warm compress and hasn't had anymore since.
Anyway, I was told she had conjunctivitis, but the Doctor stated that she didn't know if it was viral or bacterial. So she wanted her to use the Zylet drops 'just in case'.
I did call the that doctor's office early Tuesday, and spoke to a Technichian, and I was told that burning/stinging was a normal side effect. I asked if it was normal for it to be so intense that it would cause my daughter(who's very tough for girl) to cry and kick her feet & legs around when I instilled the drops. I was told that she's probably just very sensitive. Please understand that I am in no way trying to get ANYONE in troule, nor will I even mention that I have inquired about it elsewhere. My instinct tells me that it shouldn't be so painful for her and I am concerned about her using this. However, I do want to do whatever is needed to help her heal.
I also read that Zylet is NOT to be given to children. Is this true? I am also wondering if i should have her re-evaluated. If so, should I take her to a Pediatrician or an opthomalogist? I promise to keep this confidential and will not mention anything to the Prescribing Doctor. As I've stated, I am not out to start any problems..I only want to know if this is normal. So that I can not be niave and neglegent. Thank you for our time!! Jane Doe