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How come some people can drink whilst on ant abuse and have no problems?

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itsmetoo2 28 Dec 2009

As one patient told me one day. We are all unique in our chemical makeup.
This is why some people do not respond to some medications.

Psyched 29 Dec 2009

My question is why would someone on antabuse be drinking anyway? After all, that med is strictly given as an alcohol deterrent. If your going to drink anyway, why bother to take this medication at all? It's like taking Chantix but continuing to smoke 2 packs a day.

maryjane7 29 Dec 2009

He has been on ant abuse for 3 months and not had a drink for nearly 4 months. He has been taking two tablets on a monday and a wednesday and 3 on a friday. He took 3 on friday. On sunday night he succumbed to a beer had no problems so had another 3. Still no problems so he drank a bottle of whiskey. He later passed out and was not feeling so well the following day. I just don't understand why he had no immediate effects when he started to drink.

Inactive 1 May 2012

Hello maryjane7. Very seldom if ever that a person taking Antabuse as perscribed, on a daily basis (be it 500mg or 250mg) that a violent chemical reaction does not ensue. It is extremely doubtfull. (All of the above my own point of view and experience). Regards, pledge free discount card

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