I just started taking Methadone a week ago. I take it for severe chronic pain, my doctor prescribed it to me. I am wondering if anyone knows why it is every single night I get super high from the Methadone? I don't like it at all, it is so weird. Basically what happens is in the evenings I start to nod off and my body feels all weird, then next think I know I am itchy all over and start to feel like I can't breath very good. I get very twitchy,dizzy, lightheaded, nauseas, and itchy all over. Why is this happening? I feel like I took way to many Vicodin or something because I get so high and I am only taking what my doc prescribed and how he prescribed it just so you know I am not abusing it or taking more than what is indicated on the bottle, I take 10mg 3x's a day. Please help idk what to do or even know if this is normal. I have nodded of 4 times so far typing this.